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  • Carol Taylor-Kearney

Arts Assistance During Covid-19 Shutdown

Like many artists I was looking forward to a rewarding Spring. Exhibitions to see, museums to visit, talks and seminars, plays and poetry readings, movies and dance. I was even to present a solo exhibition at Atlantic Gallery from March 31st – April 18th, ALL POSTPONED!

And this is true for so many of us as I can see from my emails to my feeds.

One of the worries that artists in particular have with the mass closings is how to share and how to make money needed for survival. Recently I was provided a link by my New York gallery, Atlantic Gallery, of some resources to assist artists during this trying time. It is a long and complex document that may contain a suggestion for you to pursue.

In the meantime, stay safe and well.

I will be posting about artists and particular pursuits and shows in the future.

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